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8. 依照关于

according to||agreeably to||conformably to||pursuqnt to||in accordance with

about||regarding||concerning||as to||as regards||with regard to

依照他的建议, 我们冒味的向您提供您在本地的委托服务。
On his suggestion, we take the liverty of offering our services for any commission which you wish to have executed here.

依照今天上午的谈话, 随函呈上本公司新产品的小册子一本。
Referring to our conversation of this morning, we enclose a pamphlet describing our new articles.

根据我们今天的电话交谈, 请于明日运来上述货物10箱。
Referring to our telephonic message of today, please deliver the above ten cases tomorrow.

关于本月6日的来信, 我高兴地告知, 该商品的需求量甚大。
With reference to your letter of the 6th inst., we are glad to inform you that there has been a great demand for the articles.

关于对我方代表的电话查询, 我们高兴的告知货物的收据已经发现。
With reference to our representative's call, we are pleased to say that we have obtained the receipt for the goods.

依照6月6日来信, 我们已由东海道铁路将50箱货发出。
In accordance with your letter of the 6th June, we are sending off by the Tokaido line the fifty cases.

依照昨日来函, 今晚已发出威士忌5箱。
In accordance with your letter of yesterday, I am sending tonight 5 cases of whisky.

依照您上月20日的订单, 我们已经向您发出原棉30包。
According to your order of the 20th ult., we have sent you 30 bales of raw cotton.

依照您对本公司J.先生的要求, 我们已另邮寄去10支的三合股纱样品。
In compliance with your request to our Mr. J., we have pleasure in sending by separate post a sample of our 10s. 3-ply yarn.

依照您的要求, 我们已通过山田公司向您发去40包棉花。
Agreeably to your request, we have sent you, through Messrs. Yamada & Co., 40 bales of cotton.

9. 期满到期  

I received in due course your letter of the 30th July.

该轮将于5月5日晨, 如期到达横滨港。
The steamer will due in Yokohama on the morning of the 5th May.

The bill falls due on September 1.

甚至到本月中旬, 折扣率也未下降到日率二分以下.
The discount rates have failed to come down below 2 sen per diem, even in the middle of the month.

We have duly receiveed your valued favour of the 10th June.

10. 每个、依照
per pro.||by proxy

per annum||yearly

per mensem||monthly

per diem||daily

per man||per capital

per piece

per lb.

per b.

per ton

per yard

per bottle

per cent||per cent.||percent||?? %

经本公司代表与你方的面谈结果, 本公司愿承担为贵公司的船运代理人。
In reference to the interview our representative had with you, we offer to your goodselves our services as shipping-agents.

随信寄上帐单一张, 如能尽快将款汇下, 则不胜感激。
We enclose you a statement of account, for which your remittance at your earliest convenience will oblige.

我们收到您5月19日来信, 我们已于今日发电确认, 请参阅所附该电抄件。
We have received your favour of 19th May, and confirm our today's telegram as per the copy enclosed.

对于装载贵轮船的货物, 已办妥保险。
We have completed the insurance on the cargo per your steamer.
11. 抱歉遗憾

此时, 我只能请您接受我的歉意。
Meanwhile, I can only ask you to accept my apologies.

We apologize you for the mistake.

麻烦不少, 请您宽恕。
We apologize you for troubling you.

从你们 5月10日信中得知, 你方客户仍对该条件不表满意, 甚为遗憾。
We are sorry to learn from your letter of the 10th May that your customer is still dissatisfied with the condition.

在时机尚未成熟以前, 我们就冒昧地写信谈及此事, 对此甚表遗憾。
We are sorry that we have taken the liverty in writing you prematurely on the subject.

我们遗憾地告诉您, 其中两箱, 质量极为差劣。
I am regretted to have to inform you that two cases of them are so bad in quality.

我们遗憾地告诉您, 本公司在R.C.15的房产, 因昨日下午失火, 已部分烧毁。
We regret to inform you that our premises at 15 R.C. were partly destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon

听说P.R.公司已破产, 甚为遗憾。
I learnt with regret of the failure of messrs P.R. & Co.

To take the liberty of doing something||To take the liberty to do something

甚感遗撼, 请多包涵。
To regret||To be sorry||To be chagrined||To be mortified||To be vexed

对此事给您带来的不便, 请接受我们的歉意。
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this matter has given you.

12. 荣幸

今天, 我们感到很荣幸能和 M. 威尔森教授欢聚一堂。
Today, we feel very much honoured to have Prof. M. Wilson with us.

We feel speially honoured to be given this opportunity to meet such a nice group of distinguished people like you.

To have the honour of doing||To have the honour to do

13. 感谢

承告知该若干套不合格产品, 我方愿妥善处理不误。
We appreciate your telling us about the defective sets, and are glad to make things right.

在感谢您过去惠予支持的同时, 希望对我新公司也继续给予信赖。
While thanking you for your valued support, I wish to asc for a continuance of your confidence in the new company.

藉此机会, 让我们对凡在业务发展方面给予有力支持的朋友、客户表示感谢。
We take this opportunity to thank our patrons and friends for the liberal support extended to us during our business career.

藉此机会, 让我们对您过去珍贵的支持表示感谢, 对您今后的订单, 我们将保证继续格外关照。
We take this opportunity of thanking you for your past valued support, and of assuring you that your orders will continue to receive our best personal attention.

我们满怀信心的向您保证, 您所给予我们任何的业务, 我们都会以完全使您满意的方式去执行。
We can confidently assert that any business with which you may favour us will be transacted in such a manner as will afford you the fullest satisfaction.

We thank you for your inquiry.

承蒙您的好意, 甚为感谢。
thank you very much for your courtesy.

Thank you for your order.

14. 提供服务  

We are always pleased to serve you at any time.

如有机会为您服务, 我们将非常感谢。
We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.

同时, 请牢记我们最诚挚的心愿和为您服务的热望。
In the meantime, please be assured of our most cordial good wishes and of our desire to be of service.

请相信, 我们将非常感谢您能为我们 提供服务机会。
We wish to assure you that we appreciate an opportunity afforded us for service.

We are anxious to be able to sever you.
15. 希望愿望

We hope to hear from you favourably.

您在商场上如有需求, 即盼来函询价。
I hope to receive your inquiries when in the market.

We hope to be favoured with your order.

I hope to hear favourably from you.

We hope this action will meet with your approval.

We hope that you will give this matter prompt attention.

16. 留意签名

We would ask you kindly to note our respective signatures given below.

下面是他的签名传真件, 请惠予留意, 该签名效果与我的相同。
Below you will find a facsimile of his signature, which I ask you to regard as my own.

Have the kindness to take note of my signature ...

I request your attention to his signature, appended below.

17. 诚请回信  

by return||by return of post||by return of mail

为供您回信方便, 随信附去免贴邮票的信封一个。
A return envelope that requires no postage is enclosed for your convenience in replying.

请开20美元的支票一张, 放在所附信封里, 立即寄给我们。
Make out your check for $20, put it in the enclosed envelope, and start it on its way to us--now.

为了使您从我们这里取得更进一步信息, 随信附去明信片一张备用。
A postcard is enclosed for your convenience in requesting further information.

届时, 用明信片告知我们, 本公司乐意奉告, 当然不会增加任何麻烦。
Then send back the postcard and we'll gladly tell you--without a bit of obligation, of course.

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