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比赛场馆 competition gymnasiums and stadiums
练习场馆 training gymnasiums
操场 playground; sports ground; drill ground
体育活动 sports/sporting activities
体育锻炼 physical training
体育锻炼标准 standard for physical training
体育疗法 physical exercise therapy; sports therapy
广播操 setting-up exercises to music
课/工间操 physical exercises during breaks
体育工作者 physical culture workers, sports organizer
运动爱好者 sports fan/enthusiast
观众 spectator
啦啦队 cheering-section
啦啦队长 cheer-leader
国家队 national team
种子队 seeded team
主队 home team
客队 visiting team
教练员 coach
裁判员 referee, umpire
裁判长 chief referee
团体项目 team event
单项 individual event
男子项目 men's event
女子项目 women's event
冠军 champion; gold medalist
全能冠军 all-round champion
亚军 running-up; second; silver medalist
第三名 third; bronze medalist
世界纪录保持者 world-record holder
运动员 athlete; sportsman
种子选手 seeded player; seed
优秀选手 top-ranking/topnotch athlete
田径运动 track and field; athletics
田赛 field events
竞赛 track events
跳高 high jump
撑杆跳高 pole jump; polevault
跳远 long/broad jump
三级跳远 hop, step and jump; triple jump
标枪 javelin throw
铅球 shot put
铁饼 discus throw
链球 hammer throw
马拉松赛跑 Marathon (race)
接力 relay race; relay
跨栏比赛 hurdles; hurdle race
竞走 walking; walking race
体操 gymnastics
自由体操 floor/free exercises
技巧运动 acrobatic gymnastics
垫上运动 mat exercises
单杠 horizontal bar
双杠 parallel bars
高低杠 uneven bars; high-low bars
吊环 rings
跳马 vaulting horse
鞍马 pommel horse
平衡木 balance beam
球类运动 ball games
足球 football; soccer
足球场 field; pitch
篮球 basketball
篮球场 basketball court
排球 volleyball
乒乓球 table tennis; ping pong
乒乓球拍 racket; bat
羽毛球运动 badminton
羽毛球 shuttlecock; shuttle
球拍 racket
网球 tennis
棒球 baseball
垒球 softball
棒/垒球场 baseball(soft ball)field/ground
手球 handball
手球场 handball field
曲棍球 hockey; field hockey
冰上运动 ice sports
冰球运动 ice hockey
冰球场 rink
冰球 puck; rubber
速度滑冰 speed skating
花样滑冰 figure skating
冰场 skating rink; ice rink
人工冰场 artificial ice stadium
滑雪 skiing
速度滑雪 cross country ski racing
高山滑雪 alpine skiing
水上运动 water/acquatic sports
水上运动中心 aquatic sports center
水球(运动)water polo
水球场 playing pool
滑水 water-skiing
冲浪 surfing
游泳 swimming
游泳池 swimming pool
游泳馆 natatorium
自由泳 freestyle; crawl (stroke)
蛙泳 breaststroke
侧泳 sidestroke
蝶泳 butterfly (stroke)
海豚式 dolphin stroke/kick
蹼泳 fin swimming
跳水 diving
跳台跳水 platform diving
跳板跳水 springboard diving
赛艇运动 rowing
滑艇/皮艇 canoeing
帆船运动 yachting; sailing
赛龙船 dragon-boat racing
室内运动 indoor sports
举重 weightlifting
重量级 heavyweight
中量级 middleweight
轻量级 lightweight
拳击 boxing
摔交 wresting
击剑 fencing
射击 shooting
靶场 shooting range
射箭 archery
拳术 quanshu; barehanded exercise; Chinese boxing
气功 qigong; breathing exercises
自行车运动 cycling; cycle racing
赛车场(自行车等的)倾斜赛车场 cycling track
室内自行车赛场 indoor velodrome
摩托运动 motorcycling
登山运动 mountaineering; mountain-climbing
骑术 horsemanship
赛马场 equestrian park
国际象棋 (international) chess
特级大师 grandmaster
象棋 xiangqi; Chinese chess
围棋 weiqi; go
航空模型 aeromodel; model aeroplane
航海模型 marine modelling; model ship
跳伞 parachuting
定点跳伞 accuracy jump; precision landing
无线电定向 radio direction finding
造型跳伞 relative work
滑翔运动 gliding; sailplaning
技巧 sports acrobatics
拔河 tug-of-war
毽子 shuttlecock
踢毽子 shuttlecock kicking
毽秋 jianqiu; shuttlecock playing
国民生产总值 GNP (Gross National Product)
人均国民生产总值 per capita GNP
产值 output value
鼓励 give incentive to
投入 input
宏观控制 exercise macro-control
优化经济结构 optimize the economic structure
输入活力 bring vigor into
改善经济环境 improve economic environment
整顿经济秩序 rectify economic order
有效地控制通货膨胀 effectively control inflation
非公有成分 non-public sectors
主要成分 dominant sector
实在的 tangible
全体会议 plenary session
解放生产力 liberate/unshackle/release the productive forces
引入歧途 lead one to a blind alley
举措 move
实事求是 seek truth from facts
引进、输入 importation
和平演变 peaceful evolution
试一下 have a go (at sth.)
精华、精粹、实质 quintessence
家庭联产责任承包制 family-contract responsibility system
搞活企业 invigorate enterprises
商品经济 commodity economy
基石 cornerstone
零售 retail
发电量 electric energy production
有色金属 nonferrous metals
人均收入 per capita income
使负担 be saddled with
营业发达的公司 going concerns
被兼并或挤掉 annexed or forced out of business
善于接受的 receptive
增额、增值、增长 increment
发展过快 excessive growth
抽样调查 data from the sample survey
扣除物价上涨部分 price increase are deducted(excluded)
实际增长率 actual growth rate
国际收支 international balance of payments
流通制度 circulation system
总工资 total wages
分配形式 forms of distribution
风险资金 risk funds
管理不善 poor management
一个中心、两个基本点one central task and two basic points
the central task refers to economic construction and two basic points are the four cardinal principles - adherence to the socialist road, to Communist Party leadership, to the people's democratic dictatorship and to Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought - and persisting in reform and opening.
Reform is "the self-perfection and self-development of the socialist system."
The criterion for our judgement is whether the move facilitates the development of socialist productive forces, whether it helps increase the overall national strength of a socialist country, and whether it brings about better living standards.
The main goals of socialism are the liberation and development of productive forces, the elimination of exploitation and polarization between the rich and the poor and the final achievement of common prosperity.
to warn people of the influence of both the Right and the "Left" deviations, particularly of the deep-rooted "Left" influence.
China needs to be vigilant against the Right deviation, but primarily, it should guard against the "Left"deviation.
Socialism and capitalism are not distinguished by the proportion of planned and market economy.
As the reform further develops, the scope for mandatory state plans will be narrowed, while the scope for market forces will be enlarged.
to establish at a preliminary level a new system of socialist planned commodity economy.
from each according to his ability, to each according to his work/needs.
reform in economic structure
surplus labor
operative mechanism
to give play to the regulatory role of the market
economic and legal leverages
to combine economic planning with market regulation
a mechanism that combines planned economy and market regulation
to cancel the state's monopoly on the purchase and marketing of agricultural products
the focus of reform is shifted to the cities
The basic task of the nation is to concentrate its efforts on socialist modernization.
to modernize the country's industry, agriculture, national defence and science and technology step by step to turn China into a strong and prosperous socialist country with a high level of culture and democracy.
The basis of the socialist economic system is socialist public ownership of the means of production, namely, ownership by the whole people and collective ownership by the working people.
The state economy is the sector of socialist economy under ownership by the whole people; it is the leading force in the national economy.
The state ensures the consolidation and growth of the state economy.
农业 farming
林业 forestry
畜牧业 animal husbandry
副业 sideline production
渔业 fishing
第一产业 primary industry
第二产业 secondary industry
第三产业 tertiary industry
生产资料 means of production
生活资料 means of livelihood/subsistence
生产关系 relations of production
生产力 productive forces
公有制 public ownership
私有制 private ownership
全民所有制 ownership by the entire/whole people
社会主义集体所有制 socialist collective ownership
厉行节约,反对浪费 to practice strict economy and combat waste
外资企业 foreign-funded enterprise
合资企业 joint venture
合作企业 cooperative enterprise
独资企业 wholly foreign owned/funded enterprise

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