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健身娱乐设施 fitness and entertainment facilities
健美热 the beauty craze
美容师为她整容 the plastic surgeon performed a face-lift for her.
The girl with single-fold eyelids had (underwent) plastic surgery to make them double folded.
带隐形眼镜 wear contact lens
保健食品 health-care food
微量元素 trace elements
伟哥在该国已获批准 Viagra (vigor+Niagara) has been approved in that country.
时装表演/模特/设计师 a fashion show/ model/ designer
模特大赛 a modeling competition; a catwalk competition
模特在T型台上一展风姿 Models are posing on the catwalk (the T-stage).
评委选出决赛选手 The members of the jury (The judges) selected the finalists.
烹饪艺术 the culinary art
色香味 the color, aroma (smell) and taste
餐饮业 the catering business; the food and drink industry
红烧肉 pork braised in soy sauce
糖醋小排 sweet and sour spare ribs
茄汁鱼片 fish slices in tomato sauce ( in ketchup )
宫爆鸡丁 chicken cubes (diced chicken) in chilly sauce
麻辣豆腐 bean curd in chilly sauce
涮羊肉 instant-boiled mutton
熏鱼 smoked fish
五香牛肉 spicy beef
咖喱牛肉 beef curry
从街头摊贩买羊肉串 buy a mutton skewer from a roadside barbecue stall
“康师傅”方便面 “Master Kang” fast-cooking spaghetti ( instant noodles)
软饮料 soft drinks; non-alcoholic drinks
易拉罐 pop-top; pull-top; flip-top; ring-pull can
自选商店 self-service shops
旅游业 tourism; the tourist industry; tourist services
旅程;旅行日程表 an itinerary
三日游 a three-day tour
一日三游 a three-sights-a-day tour
旅游路线 the tour route
旅游景点 a tourist destination
游艇 a pleasure cruiser
将观光与度假结合起来 combine sightseeing with holiday-making
在旅游高峰季节 in peak tourist seasons
星级饭店 star-grade hotels
这家五星级旅馆的住房率达到90% The five-star hotel’s current occupancy rate stands at 90 percent.
(旅馆的)商务中心/票务中心 the business center/the ticket-booking center
分析失事飞机的黑匣子数据 analyze the data in the black box (the flight recorder) of the crashed plane
游戏机 a game machine
吃角子老虎 a slot machine
哈哈镜 distorting mirrors
卡拉OK a karaoke club
京剧票友 Peking Opera fans
追星族 celebrity worshipper
发烧友 fans; addicts
音像制品 audio and video tapes and disks
镭射厅;录象厅 a laser disk (LD) salon
随身听 a walkman; a personal stereo
春节/元宵节/端午节/中秋节 the Spring Festival/ Lantern Festival/ Dragon Boat Festival
/Mid-Autumn Festival
庙会 the temple fair
共青团为100对新人举行集体婚礼 The Youth League Organization sponsored (held) a group (collective) wedding ceremony for 100 couples.
旅行结婚 a wedding tour; a tour wedding; the honeymoon tour
婚外恋 extramarital relations; extramarital affair
非婚生子女 children born out of wedlock; illegitimate children
单亲家庭 a single-parent family (house-hold)
上门女婿 a live-in son-in-law
大龄青年 unmarried youth above (over, beyond) the normal age for marriage
老三届 high school graduates of 1966-1968
独生子女 the only child
小皇帝 a little “emperor”; a spoiled child
提倡母乳喂养,不要人工喂养 advocate breast feeding rather than substitute feeding (bottle-feeding)
离休干部 retired veteran cadres
托老所/院 a nursing home for the aged
安乐死 euthanasia; mercy-killing
电话拜年 pay New Year phone calls
给他发电子贺卡 send him an e-card (e-mail card)
挂历 a wall calendar; a hanging calendar
兼职 assume a concurrent post; do part-time work; go moonlighting
当家教 teach in a family; serve as a home tutor
不要强迫孩子弹电子琴 Don’t force children to play the electronic keyboard (organ).
在协同工作中,情商比智商更重要 In teamwork, EQ is more important than IQ.
人际关系 interpersonal relations
民工 rural laborers (with temporary jobs) in a city; migratory workers from the countryside
打工妹 country girls working in cities
女强人 a (successful) career woman
残疾人 handicapped (disabled) people
猎头公司;人才物色公司 a head-hunting company
身份证 the citizen identity card ( ID card)
他有上海市常住户口 He has the registered permanent Shanghai residence.
He is a registered permanent resident of Shanghai.
差额选举 a multi-candidate election
He never favors his friends or relatives with any “back-door” (private-channel)deals.
别听小道消息 Don’t heed the hearsay. (the grapevine news)
(会议)签到簿 the guest book/the visitors’ book
人行天桥 an elevated crosswalk/ a foot bridge
罗山路立交桥 the Luoshan Road overpass (flyover)
内环线高架路 the elevated inner ring road(the inner ring viaduct)
杨浦斜拉桥 the Yangpu cable-stayed bridge (suspension bridge)
玻璃幕墙摩天大楼 steel-and-glass skyscrapers; glass-walled high-rise buildings
家电 electrical household appliances
电话磁卡/磁卡电话 a phone card/ a card phone
复印机 a phontocopier; a photocopy machine; a Xerox; a Xerox machine; a duplicator
煤气罐 a gas tank
热水淋浴器 an instant shower heater
面包车 a minibus
无人售票公共汽车 a self-service bus
流动售票车 a ticket-office-on-wheels
捷安特山地车 “Giant” mountain bicycles
普及九年制义务教育 make the nine-year compulsory (obligatory, free) education universal
扫盲 eliminate illiteracy
计算机扫盲 eliminate computer illiteracy
民办学校 school run by non-governmental sectors
高等院校 institutions of higher education (higher learning); universities and colleges
中等专业学校 polytechnic schools
中等技术学校 secondary technical schools
中等职业学校 secondary vocational schools
自学考试 examination for self-taught students
该校实行学分制 The university adopts a credit system.
须修满250学分才能毕业 It takes 250 credits to graduate.
应试教育 examination-oriented education
自费留学 self-funded study abroad
海外留学人员 Chinese students and scholars studying abroad
托福热降温了 The TOEFL fever (craze) has cooled down.
大专生 junior college students; associate-degree students
该硕士生正在进行论文答辩 The master-degree student is giving an oral defense of his thesis.
举行博士生论文答辩会 give the doctoral student (candidate) an oral examination on his dissertation.
博士 a doctorate holder
博士生导师 a supervisor of doctoral students; a doctoral supervisor
走读生 a day student; a non-resident student
特困生 the most needy student
她是我们班的学习/宣传/生活/体育/文娱委员She is in charge of studies/ propaganda(? publicity)/ general affairs/ sports activities (PE)/ recreational activities in our class.
担任系学生会干部 serve as an official of the departmental student union
担任校学生会宣传部长be the head of the Publicity Department of the university’s student union
My major is International Accounting, and my minor is Computer Application.
pass the College English Test Band 4; obtain a certificate of CET-6
be cited as a “three-good student” (who is good morally, academically and physically)
获人民奖学金三等奖 be awarded the Third-Class People’s Scholarship
召开家长会 hold a parent-teacher meeting
加强科技人员队伍improve the ranks (the contingent) of the scientific and technical personnel
研究所 a research institute
普及科学技术 popularize science and technology
新兴高科技产业 rising and high-tech industries
高科技园 a high-tech park
获16项重大科研成果 gain 16 major (key) research results
科技咨询 scientific and technological consulting service (consultancy)
知识经济 the knowledge economy
信息高速公路 the information superhighway (highway)
hook up your computer to the Internet; wire your computer with the Internet
中关村高科技园是中国的硅谷 Zhongguancun High-Tech Zone is known as China’s
信息技术 IT (information technology)
信息港 the infoport (information port)
多媒体 multimedia
手提式电脑 a laptop computer
硬件/软件 hardware/ software
芯片 the chip
奔腾III处理处理器 a Pentium III processor
带有调制解调器的电脑 a computer equipped with a modem
电子邮件/商务/贸易 e-mail/e-commerce (e-business)/ e-trade
五笔划汉字软件输入平台 the five-stroke Chinese character software platform
杀病毒 to kill the virus
千年虫 the millennium bug; the Y2K bug
电脑黑客闯入了银行的计算机系统 The hacker broke into the bank’s computer system.

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