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1. I beg to differ
  —?I don't agree with you.
  Example: You may think that John should be offered the job, but I beg to differ. John has no practical experience and is not highly motivated.
2. I/You bet
  —?I am/ you are sure.
  Examples: 1.The weather is fine. I bet it won't rain.
       2. You bet I'll arrive at the airport before everyone else.
3. Jack-in-the-box, a
  —?a person who fidgets or does not sit still.
  Example: “Boy! Sit properly! Don't jump up and down like a jack-in-the-box.”
4. Jack of all trades is master of none, a
  —?person who can do many different kinds of work may not be good at any of them.
  Example: This chap repaired the television and installed the air-conditioner all in one day, but none of the work he did seemed reliable. Isn't he a jack of all trades master of none?
5. Oblivious of/to something
  —?unaware of something; not noticing something.
  Example: What is wrong with James? He seems completely oblivious of what has happened here.
6. Odd man/one out, an
  —?a person or thing different from a group or left out of it.
  Examples: 1. You had better learn to use a computer if you don't want to be an odd man out.       2. Look at the watch on the dining table! It is an odd one out.
7. Pack of lies, a
  —?something that is completely untrue.
  Example: Don't listen to him! His story is a pack of lies.
8. Pack someone off (to some place)
  —?send someone away, usually quickly and without wasting time.
  Example: The mother could not allow the children to sleep late, so she packed them off to bed at about 10p.m.
9. Qualify as someone/for something
  —?show that one is suitable for a profession, reaches a a standard, etc.
  Examples: 1. After years of hard work, Judie has qualified as a dentist.
       2. Our school is sure to qualify for the regional English debating competition.
10. Quarrel with one's bread and butter
  —?dislike the work by which one earns one's living.
  Example: If you are against the authorities, you are quarrelling with your bread and butter and your family will be in trouble.
11. Race against time/a race against time
  —?hurry to do something before a certain time.
  Examples: 1. Being late, you have to race against time to finish the work by 5 p.m.
       2. I try to get this assignment done by Monday, but it will be a race against time.

①?Abide by the consequences
  ?—?endure the result
  ?Example: If you insist on going to such a dangerous place, no other person but you have to abide by the consequences.
②?Able to/can take something
  ?—?(often in the negative) able to face something sad, etc. without being weakened; able to endure something
  ?Examples: ①ùDon't mind about rugged life there. I am able to take it. ②úPlease stop speaking so loudly! I am not able to take it any more. ③?Go ahead hitting him. He can take it. ④üI don't think Nancy can take any more bad news.
③?Abound in/with something
  ?—?have plenty of something
  ?Examples: ①ùOur neighboring countries abound in natural resources. ②úThat dirty man's hair seems to have abounded with fleas.
④?Back down
  ?—?retract; withdraw charges, claims, etc.
  ?Example: For the sake of national unity, even those who have good reasons to complain have decided to back down.
⑤?Back on to something
  ?—?have the back next to something, especially with reference to a house
  ?Example: The rich man's bungalow backs on to a hill while facing a beautiful lake.
⑥?Call it a day
  ?—?stop work or cease activities
  ?Example: It is quite late now. Let's call it a day and go home.
⑦?Call off something
  ?—?cancel something
  ?Example: They called off the soccer match because of heavy rain.
  ?—?stop something
  ?Example: As there was no hope of finding the escaped prisoner, the police decided to call off the search until some time later.
⑧?Dally about
  ?—?be slow and waste time
  ?Example: Don't go on dallying about or we will be late for the film show.
⑨?Dally with something
  ?—?think about something in an idle manner
  ?Example: The shy young man has been dallying with the idea of asking June to marry him.
⑩?Dam up something
  ?—?control something; hold back something
  ?Example: Listening to the sad story, many girls were touched but they tried to dam up their tears.
(11) Hail-fellow-well-met with someone
  ?—?overfriendly with someone
  ?Example: David is always hail-fellow-well-met with every person he knows. No wonder he has many nodding acquaintances.
  The press yesterday quoted the President of the ruling party as saying that failure to crack down on corruption would give the impression that “certain powers were being used to protect it”. (严禁;严加取缔)
●?cash in on:谋取利益
 ?“Let's cash in on the fine weather by playing some outdoor games we like.”
●?break in on/ burst in on:干扰
 ?“The loud noise of the quarrel between the two neighbours broke in on children's sleep.”
●?zero in on:对准目标
 “The members of the Opposition Party zeroed in on the government's new bill.”
●?clamp down on:施加压力;取缔
 ?“The government has decided to clamp down on all forms of illegal gambling.”
●?read up on:熟读
 ?“You need to read up on all the traffic codes before you learn driving.”
●?brush up on:复习
 ?“Before the examination, remember to sort out the lecture notes to brush up on all the important points.”
●?check up on:检查
 ?“The manager asked the secretary to check up on all the documents before posting them.”
●?bear down on:袭击
 ?“The soldiers are determined to bear down on the enemy's headquarters.
●?close in on:逼近
 ?“The people in the whole town were trapped when the enemy's army closed in on them.”
●?come down on:坚决要求;处罚
 ?“The bank came down on its debtors for immediate payment./ Our court is going to come down more severely on illegal immigrants.”
●?get in on:分享;参与
 ?“Betty was amazed because her good friends did not invite her to get in on the profitable enterprise.”
●?creep up on:慢慢来;包围
 ?“We hardly notice the way old age creeps up on us./ Doubt crept up on me about Tommy's trustworthiness.”
●?cut down on:减少;削减
 ?“More and more countries have promised to cut down on their military expenses.”
●?crowd in on:包围
 ?“The students crowded in on their teacher to ask her about their examination results.”
●?fall back on:求助于
 ?“He has spent all his savings and now has nothing to fall back on.”
●?chuck away on:浪费
 ?“Why did you have your advice chucked away on such a recalcitrant person?”
●?hurl away on:浪费
 ?“I don't know what will come of you if you go on hurling away on your hard-earned money.”
●?borne in on:被人相信不疑
 ?“Bit by bit it was borne in on the people that political critics had been hostile towards the country.”
●?clean up on:击败;胜过
 ?“The strongest fighter cleaned up on all his opponents.”
●?sit in on:旁听
 ?“Members of the public are allowed to sit in on some public lectures.”

①?Hail someone or something as someone else/something else
 ?—?recognise or welcome someone/something as someone else/something else.
 ?Examples: ①ùBecause of having a good voice, Sharon has been hailed as singing queen in her school.
      ②?The recent scientific discovery was hailed as breakthrough.
②?I couldn't agree more
 ?—?I agreed completely.
 ?Example: A: I think our country is well-developed.
      B: I couldn't agree more.
③?I dare say
 ?—?I suppose.
 ?Example: In your quarrel with Jason this time, I dare say you were in the wrong.
④?I hate to disturb/bother/trouble you, but...
 ?—?I am sorry for disturbing/bothering/troubling you, but...
 ?Example: I hate to bother you when you are so busy, but there is something important I have to tell you before it is too late.
⑤?Jack up
 ?—?lift with a jack.
 ?Example: You have to jack up your car before you can remove the tyre.
 ?—?(of prices) increase.
 ?Example: During festive seasons, some shops have jacked up the prices of some goods.
⑥?Oddities and absurdities
 ?—?something odd and absurd.
 ?Example: Sometimes, we have to accept the oddities and absurdities of certain aspects of a language which cannot be logically explained.
⑦?Odds and ends
 ?—?small objects of different kinds.
 ?Example: Where there are children, there are odds and ends lying here and there.
⑧?Pack up
 ?—?stop doing something.
 ?Example: It is late now. Let's pack up and go to bed.
⑨?Packed like sardines
 ?—?pressed very tightly together.
 ?Example: The bus was full of passengers who were packed like sardines.
⑩?Queue up (for something)
 ?—?stand in a queue.
 ?Examples: ①ùPeople queue up one after another outside the theatre.
     ?②?All have to queue up for tickets for the musical concert.
(11) Quibble about/at something or a quibble over something
 ?—?argue about small unimportant points.
 ?Examples: ①ùDon't quibble with her about the money.
      ②?She quibbled at the small price.
      ③?There was a quibble over a few dollars.

  (1) About average
   ?—?no better or no worse than others.
   ?Example: Some staff's performance is about average. They have never proved better.
  (2) About time
   ?—?the appropriate time.
   ?Example: You have been working for quite a while. It's about time you had a new car.
  (3) About to
   ?—?ready to
   ?Example: We were about to go out when it suddenly rained.
  (4) Back to back
   ?—?with the back facing the other.
   ?Example: Stand back to back, boys! Let me see who is the tallest.
  (5) Back to front
   ?—?with the back placed where the front should be.
   ?Example: You got your pullover on back to front.
   ?Example: All the people here know the government's major policies back to front.
  (6) Back up someone/something
   ?—?support someone/something.
   ?Example: ①ùNo matter how, we should back up our most respected representative.
        ②?Some new evidence backed up the prosecutor's argument.
  (7) Call on/upon someone
   ?—?visit someone
   ?Example: When are we going to call on our new neighbours?
  (8) Call on/upon someone to do something
   ?—?invite someone to speak, etc.
   ?Example: Without further ado, let me call upon our distinguished guest to speak to us.
   ?—?appeal to someone to act.
   ?Example: In times of difficulties, we will have to call on the public to make donations.
  (9) Call out someone
   ?—?order officially.
   ?Example: During the riot, the chief of police had to call out the riot police to restore law and order.
  (10) Damp(en) something down
   ?—?make a fire burn less strongly.
   ?Example: It was a moonlit night, so the campers dampened down the fire.
   ?—?control and reduce something; suppress something.
   ?Example: ①ùSome boys were over-zealous and we had to damp down their enthusiasm.
       ?②?Lack of support has damped down political dissidents' activities.
  (11) Dance attendance on/upon someone
   ?—?do what someone wants without asking.
   ?Example: The manageress sat still, expecting everyone to dance attendance on her.
(1) Halcyon days
  ?—?times of undisturbed peace and happiness.
  ?Example: When people grow older, they long for halcyon days more than anything else.
 (2) Hale and hearty
  ?—?strong and healthy
  ?Example: In spite of old age, Mr Lin is still hale and hearty.
 (3) Half a loaf is better than no bread
  ?—?we should be thankful for what we have, even if the amount is not as much as expected.
  ?Example: Dr Huang applied for a week's leave, but was given three days. Half a loaf is better than no bread.
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