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tempax 人物描写相关词汇 (1)

1) 人体

A.头:bald, big/large, bullet-shaped, massive, oval, round, small/tiny.

B.头发:black, blond/golden, brown, chestnut, carroty, grey/hoary, dark, fair, dyed, silver, white, light, bobbed, bristly, coarse, curly, dry, dull, fine, flowing, frizzled, knotted, greasy/oily, lank, long, lustrous, permed, short, short-cropped, shiny, shoulder-length, silky, sleek, stiff, thick, thin, unkempt, wavy.

C. 脸:big-featured, board, double-chinned, heart-shaped, high-cheekboned, lantern-jawed, oval, long, round, sharp-featured, square, well-featured, bearded, beardless, beautiful, bony, chubby, emaciated/haggard, freckled, handsome, pallid, pimpled, plain, pretty, rosy/ruddy, rough, smooth, spotty, wrinkled, a baby face, a horse-face, a pudding face.

D.前额:ample, big/large, broad, bulging/prominent, high, jutting, low, luminous, narrow, smooth, square, well-shaped, wrinkled/furrowed.

E.胡子:bushy, black, blonde, bristly, curly, dark, dense/thick, forked, grey, light, long, matted, shaggy, short, stubby, with a goatee.

F.下巴:bulldog, clear-cut, cleft, dimpled, double, full, jutting/protruding/thrusting, prominent, receding, rounded, sagging, sharp, square, triangular, underhung.

G.眼睛:almond-shaped, beadlike, beautiful, big/large, bright, bulging, close-set, deep-socketed/deep-sunken, dewy, dreamy, fishlike, gentle, glazed, hollow/sunken, longsighted/farsighted, myopic/short-sighted, oblique, presbyopic, sexy, sharp, slanting, small/tiny, squint, starry, swollen, watery, wide-spaced.

H.眉毛:arched, bent, black, broad, bushy, crescent, curved, heavy, low, pencilled, rugged, shaggy, shapely, slanted, straight, tapered, thick, thin, upturned.

I.嘴唇:amorous/sexy, clear-cut, cracked, crooked, curled-up, dray/parched, everted, flaccid, full, loose, moist, pale/pallid, passionate, protruding, ripe, ruddy, seductive, thick/heavy, thin, well-cut, well-defined, wide.

J.嘴:big/large, fine, full/generous, funnel-shaped, handsome, luscious, mean, sensuous, shapeless, small, tender, wide.

K.牙齿:black, buck, capped, crooked, even, false, gapped, jagged, pearly, protruding, sharp, snowy, uneven, yellow.

L.鼻子:aquiline/hooked, big/large, broad, broken, flat, high, high-bridged, long, narrow, pink-red, pointed, pudgy, shapedly, short, straight, upturned, a bottle nose, a pug/snub nose, a squat nose.

M.手:bony, broad, callous, chapped, crooked, deformed, elegant/graceful, fleshy, gnarled, hairy, heavy-veined, lean/thin, podgy/pudgy ,slim, small/tiny, soft, strong, stubby, thick.

(2) 外貌

A. 男人: bald, bony/scrawny, broad-shouldered, burly, dainty, fat, handsome, darkly handsome, lanky, large, lean/thin, muscular/brawny, robust, rough-looking, sexy, short, skinny, slight, stout, strong, tall, ugly/ungainly, well-built.

B. 女人: beautiful, brawny, broad-hipped, busty, buxom/plump, corpulent, fat, good-looking, homely/plain, large-limbed, lean/thin, little/tiny, scrawny/skinny/bony, sexy, slim/slender, stout, ugly.


A. 通用类:ambitious, capricious, bustling, careworn, cautions, charming, confident, conservative, deep, different, hesitant, hilarious, humorous, intrepid, optimistic, passionate, pressured, self-centred, self-important, sentimental, serious, silent, sociable, spirited, stubborn, sullen, talkative, vigorous, abrasive, aggressive, boring, conceited, cranky, dull, eccentric, frivolous, haughty, insolent, irresolute, miserly, moody, obstinate, old-fashioned, overbearing, pretentious, promiscuous, provocative, rigid, rude, ruthless, slavish, tight-fisted, tough, unscrupulous, untidy, vain, a man of…awareness, a man of distinction, a man of easy access, a man of commitment/good manner/hot blood/taste, a man with a strong/little/no/barbed/dry sense of humour, extrovert, introvert, a bad mixer, a good mixer.

B. 只适用于男人的:chivalrous, effeminate, gallant, henpecked, impotent, sissy, tough, virile.

C. 只适用于女人的:artful, chaste, clinging, coquettish, coy, demure, finicky, frigid, garrulous, loose, manly, nagging, slatternly, sterile, a shrew, a termagant.

D. 适用于描写个性和气质的:aggressive, agreeable, amiable, austere, charismatic, charming, distinctive, dominating, double, dynamic, eccentric, engaging, erratic, fascinating/winning, forceful, integrated, introspective, magnetic, melancholic, neurotic, outstanding, overbearing, pleasant, powerful, self-indulgent, sinister, strong, unique, vigorous, adventurous, affectionate, bright/optimistic, brooding, cheerful, contentious, credulous, dissolute, easy-going, fiery, generous, genial, gentle, gloomy, impetuous, jovial, lively, lovely, merciful, mild, nervous, noble, pacific, peaceful, peevish/petulant, quiet, reserved, restless, romantic, selfish, slovenly, speculative, submissive, tame, timid, uncommunicative, volatile, wasteful.

E. 适用于描写脾气的:amiable, awful, brutal, calm, capricious, chivalrous, cold, complacent, convivial, cool, critical, docile, eccentric, fastidious, feeble, fierce, fiery, frigid, fussy, generous, good, hot, impatient, impetuous, inflammable, irritable/peevish, malleable, meek, passionate, passive, placid, quarrelsome, querulous, reckless, revengeful, ruthless, serene, sheepish, sceptical, suspicious, sweet, terrible, violent, volatile, whimsical.

able, articulate, competent, courteous, cunning, cultivated, cynical, diligent, dull, earthy, enterprising, experienced, forgetful, fully formed, hard-working, ill-mannered, imaginative, inquisitive, knowledgeable, modest, naive, narrow-minded, open-minded, optimistic, pampered/spoilt, pessimistic, polite, pretentious, reflective, resourceful, respectable, responsive, rude, sensitive, shrewd, simple-minded, sophisticated, spirited, tactful, talkative, vigorous, vulnerable, weak.
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