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(副)总统, (vice-)president

(副)主席, (vice-)chairman/chairperson

总书记, General secretary

(副)委员长, (vice)chairman

(副)总理, (vice)premier

(副)部长, (vice)minister

(副)主任, (deputy)director

(副)局长, (vice)bureau-director

(副)省长, (vice)provincial governor

(副)市长, (vice)mayor/mayoress

(副)县长, (vice)head of a county

(副)处长, (deputy) division chief

(副)科长, (deputy)section chief

政治思想教育, Political and ideological education

思想政治工作, Political and ideological work

共产主义道德品质, Communist ethics

中共中央, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

西部开发, The development of China’s west

国务院开发研究中心, The Development Research Center of the State Council

发展是硬道理, Development is the absolute/cardinal truth.

“三个代表”思想, The “Three Represents” theory

党的基本路线, The Party’s basic line

自觉与党中央保持一致, To conscientiously be in line with the Party center

跨世纪领导干部, Cross-century leadership

领导干部要讲政治, Leading cadres should be politically minded

领导干部要讲学习, Leading cadres should highlight the importance of learning

领导干部要讲正气, Leading cadres should adhere to moral integrity

官僚主义工作作风, Working styles of bureaucracy

相互包庇, Cover each other’s demerits

改革的步子更大些, Take bolder and wider steps in reform

政治体制改革, The reform in the political system

政治民主化, Political democratization

居委会, Neighborhood committee

民政部门, The ministry of civil affairs

实事求是, Call a spade a spade (to seek truth on the basis of facts)

解放思想, Emancipate the mind

转变观念, Transform the old mindset

在官方的监督下, Under official surveillance

地方保护主义, Regional protectionism

拜金主义, Money worship/mammonism

形式主义, Formalism

行贿, Practice bribery

索贿, Demand briberies from

受礼, Receive gifts

反对贪污受贿, To fight against corruption and bribery

走过场, Make it a mere ceremony/formality

居功自傲, To pride oneself on past achievements/become conceited due to one’s merits

唯利是图, Profit-motivated/profit seeking

血洗耻辱, To wipe out the disgrace

德才兼备, With/showing both professional ability and political integrity

道德准则, Ethical code

抓住时机, Seize the right/current opportunity

蔚然成风, To become a common practice

合法权益, Lawful rights and interests

廉洁自律, To perform one’s duty honestly and faithfully

反腐倡廉, To combat corruption and build up a clean and honest government

廉政建设, To build up a clean government

贪污腐败, Corruption

惩治腐败, To combat corruption

政治腐败, Political corrosion/degeneration

腐化堕落, Morally degenerate

生活腐化, Lead a lavish and dissolute/dissipated life

推卸责任, The shift responsibilities to others

豪华住宅, A luxurious residence

扫黄运动, An anti-pornography campaign

以权谋私, To abuse one’s power for personal interests

权钱交易, To trade power for money

违法乱纪, Violate laws and disciplines

侵吞公款, Embezzlement of public funds

公款吃喝, To enjoy banquets on public expense

公款出国旅游, Sightseeing tours abroad on public funds

不得人心, To lose popularity among the people

引起公愤, To provoke popular indignation

和稀泥, To blur the line between right and wrong

扯皮, Dispute over trifles

拉山头, To form a faction

穿小鞋, Give sb. a pair of light shoes to wear/make things hard for sb. by abusing one’s power

挨整(成为众矢之的), To become the target of attack/be under fire

请客送礼, To invite guests to dinner and give tem gifts

拉关系, Try to establish a rapport with sb.

走后门, To get in by the back door

托人情, Ask an influential figure to help arrange sth.

找后台, Seek back stage boss

嫉贤妒能, To be jealous and envious of capable persons

拖拉的工作作风, Tardy and dilatory working style

提高…意识, To heighten one’s awareness of

暂行条例, Interim regulations

留党察看, To remain on probation within the party

免除党内职务, Removal from posts in the party

严重警告, Serious warning

对外开放, Open up to the out-side world

长治久安, To maintain long-term/lasting stability and security

有紧迫感, To have a sense of urgency

维持现状, To maintain the status quo

跟上时代的步伐, To keep pace of the times/to keep abreast with the times

和平演变, Peaceful evolution

主权, Sovereignty

举动/举措, Move

基本法, Basic law

香港总督, Governor of Hong Kong

行政长官, Chief executive

台湾问题, The Taiwan issue

各界人士, Public figures from all circles

各界代表, Representative personages of various circles

一贯立场, Consistent stand

和平统一, Peaceful reunification

和平建设, Peaceful construction

基本出发点, The ultimate aim of …

台湾当局, The Taiwan authorities

购买军火, To purchase/order ammunitions

扩军备战, Arms race

军事挑衅, Military provocation

历史遗留问题, Questions left over from past history

保证顺利回归, To guarantee/ensure the smooth return of

完成中华民族统一大业, To achieve the peaceful reunification of the Chinese nation

坚持一个中国立场, To adhere to one-China position

反对“两个中国”, To be opposed to “two Chinas”

我们神圣的领土台湾回归祖国的怀抱, The return of our sacred territory, Taiwan to the embrace of the motherland

与国际接轨, To integrate … with the international standards/norms and practices/to conform to international norms and practices

欧洲议会, European Parliament

欧盟, European Union

欧洲政治联盟, European Political Union

政府机构, Government institutions

机构臃肿, Overstaffed government organization

人浮于事, Have more hands than needed

任人唯贤, To appoint people on their merits

国家机关, State agency

常务委员会, The standing committee

劳动局, Labor bureau

劳动部, The ministry of labor

人事处, The personnel division

少数民族, Ethnic groups

民主改革, Democratic reform

中国专家, Chinese expert

中国问题专家, China expert

加强行政管理, Strengthen administrative management

办理审批程序, To go through all the procedures of approval

简化审批手续, Simplify/streamline the procedures of approval

全国大会, National Congress

全体会议, A plenary session

人民大会堂, The Great Hall of the People

全国人民代表大会, The National People’s Congress

中国人民政治协商会议, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

国务院主管部门, The competent/incumbent department of the State Council

中华全国总工会, All-China Federation of Trade Unions

世界知识产权组织, World Intellectual Property Organization

中华全国青年联合会, All-China Federation of Youth

国家海洋局, The State Oceanographic Administration

国家海洋公园, National marine park

交通部, The Ministry of Transportation


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