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第二产业 secondary industry
第二上市 secondary listing
第三产业 tertiary industry; service sector
第三代移动电话(3G手机) third generation mobile; 3G mobile
第一发球权 first inning
第一发球员 first server
第一双打 first pair
地方保护主义 regional protectionism
地方财政包干制 system whereby local authorities take full responsibility for their finances
地球村 global village
地区差异 regional disparity
地热资源 geothermal resources
地市级城市 prefecture-level city
点球 penalty kick
点子公司 consultancy company
电话号码升位 upgrade telephone number
电话会议 teleconference
电视直销 TV home shopping
电信运营商 telecom operators
电子商务认证 e-business certification
吊球 drop shot
吊销执照 revoke license
钉子户 person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project
定向培训 training for specific posts
豆腐渣"工程 jerry-built project
毒枭 drug trafficker
独立核算工业企业 independent accounting unit(enterprise)
"渡假外交" holiday-making diplomacy
短期债务 floating debt
断交信 Dear John letter (from woman to man)
对...毫无顾忌 make no bones about ...
对冲基金 hedge fund
对外招商 attract foreign investment
队长袖标(足球) skipper`s armband
多党合作制 multi-party co-operation in exercising State power
多任务小卫星 small multi-mission satellite (SMMS)
夺冠 take the crown
厄尔尼诺现象 El Nino phenomenon
恶性通货膨胀 hyperinflation
恶性循环 vicious circle
(把…当成)耳旁风Like water off (on) a duck’s back
二板市场; 创业板市场 growth enterprise board; second board; hi-tech board
二次创业 start a new undertakinge
二级市场secondary market
二进宫 to enter the palace a second time (people with a past criminal record again commits a crime, and is convicted and put into a correctional institution)
二流选手 scrub, second-rater
二手房 second-hand house
二元经济 dual economy

发案率 incidence (of criminal cases)
发烧友 fancier; zealot; enthusiastic fan
发展不平衡 disparate development
发展是硬道理 Development is of overriding importance. / Development is the absolute need.
法治国家 a country under the rule of law
法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system
翻两番 quadruple
反败为胜 bring about a complete turnabout, pull out of the fire
反不正当竞争法 Law of the People`s Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means
反腐倡廉 combat corruption and build a clean government
防抱死系统 ABS (anti-lock braking system)
防洪工程 flood-prevention project
房管 real estate management
访谈式竞选 (候选人在电视访谈节目中亮相进行的竞选)talk-show campaign
放高球 lob
放下架子 to relinguish haungty airs; to get off one`s high horse; throw off one`s airs
放行单 release permit
飞毛腿(导弹)Scud missile
飞行药检 spot check
非对称数字用户环路 Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL)
费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes
分拆上市 A subsidiary company of a corporation is listed on the stock market.
分流 reposition of redundant personnel
分期付款 installment payment
分税制 system of tax distribution
(产品)分销 subunderwriting, distribution
粉领族 pink-collar tribe (Women who play major role in certain professions such as office workers, secretaries, models, airline hostesses, etc)
风险投资 venture capital; risk investment
疯牛病 mad cow disease; bovine spongiform enceohalopathy (BSE)
锋利扣杀 razor-sharp smash
封闭式基金 close-ended fund
封杀出局 force out
“封圣” canonization of "Saints"
福利彩票 welfare lotteries
福利分房 welfare-oriented public housing distribution system
浮动工资 floating wages; fluctuating wages
扶贫 poverty alleviation
覆盖率 coverage rate
复式住宅duplex apartment; compound apartment (a type of residential housing that maximizes usable space by increasing the number of the storey building)

改制上市:An enterprise is re-organized according to modern corporate system so that it will get listed on the stock market.
尴尬,困境,糟糕 pretty pass
感谢款待的信 a bread and butter letter (a letter sent as thanks for being treated well as someone`s guest)
干部队伍革命化、年轻化、知识化、专业化 make the ranks of cadres more revolutionary, younger in average age, better educated and professionally more competent
港人治港 Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong
高层次、全方位的对话 high-level and all-directional dialogue
高产优质 high yield and high quality
高度自治 high degree of autonomy
高杠杆交易机构 highly-leveraged institutions(HLI)
高官会 Senior Officials Meeting (SOM)
高级商务师 Certified Business Executive
高架公路 elevated highway; overhead road
高科技板块 high-tech sector
高难度动作 stunner, stunt
高清晰度 high definition
高新技术产业开发区 high and new technology industrial development zone
(公路)隔离带 median
根本政治制度 fundamental political system
个人收入应税申报制度 the system of the declaration of individual incomes for tax payment
个人自扫门前雪, 莫管他人瓦上霜 hoe one’s own potatoes
各大菜系 major styles of cooking
各尽所能let each person do his best; from each according to his ability
"各就位" "On your marks!"
跟踪审计 follow-up auditing
恭喜发财 May you be prosperous!; Wish you all the best!
功夫不负有心人 Everything comes to him who waits.
工程公司 engineering company
工商局 industrial and commercial bureau
工薪阶层 salariat; state employee; salaried person
工业控制一体化integrated industrial control; industrial control of integration
工业园区 industrial park
公费医疗 medical services at state expense
公告板服务 Bulletin Board Service (BBS)
公检法 public security organs, procuratorial organs and people`s courts
公积金public accumulation funds, public reserve funds
公开喊价市场 open outcry markets
公款吃喝 recreational activities using public funds
公司分立与解散 separation and dissolution of a company
公益林 public welfare forest
公正、公平、公开 just, fair and open
公证财产 notarize the properties
共产党领导下的多党合作与政治协商 multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of Communist Party
狗仔队dog packs; paparazzo (singular), paparazzi(plural) (It refers to those journalists who are hunting the news of celebrities.)
骨干企业 key enterprise
股本share capital
股本金 equity capital
挂靠 be attached or affiliated to; be subordinate to
挂职 1) take a temporary post (in order to temper oneself); 2) serve in a lower level unit for a period while retaining one`s position in the previous unit
关税壁垒 customs barrier; tariff wall
光谷 optical valley
光机电一体化 optical, mechanical and electronic integration
光盘杂志 CD-ROM magazine
光通讯 photo-communication; optical communication
广告电话直销direct response advertising
广域网 wide area network (WAN)
皈依三宝 become a Buddhist
归口管理 put under centralized management by specialized departments
国产化率 import substitution rate; localization rate of parts and components
国防动员体制 the mobilization for national defense
国际惯例 international common practice
国际化战略 internationalization strategy
国际日期变更线 International Date Line (IDL)
《国际先驱论坛报》 International Herald Tribune
国际商业机器公司 International Business Machine Corporation (IBM)
国家经济体制改革委员会 the State Commission for Restructuring the Economic Systems
国家控股公司 state-controlling company
国家普通话水平考试 National Proficiency Test of Putonghua
国家一级保护 first-grade State protection
国家质量技术监督局 the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
国脚 player of the national football team; footballer of the national team
国库券 treasury bonds
国民党 Kuomintang
国民经济支柱产业 pillar industries in national economy
国民生产总值 gross national product (GNP)
国内生产总值 gross domestic product (GDP)
国土局 Land and Resources Bureau
国债专项资金 special fund for treasury bond
过度开垦 excess reclamation
过犹不及 going too far is as bad as not going far enough; beyond is as wrong as falling short; too much is as bad as too little
海市蜃楼, 镜花水月, 无稽之谈 a mare’s nest
海湾战争综合症 the complexities of the Gulf War
函授大学 correspondence university
旱地滑雪场 mock skiing park
汉字处理软件 Chinese character processing software
航母 aircraft carrier
航向错误, 奉行错误方向 on the wrong tack
豪赌 unrestrained gambling
好事不出门,恶事传千里 Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide.
好出风头的运动员 exhibitionist, grandstander
好莱坞大片 Hollywood blockbuster
"好球" "Strike"
和服 Kimono
合理引导消费 guide rational consumption
合议庭 collegiate bench
核销 cancel after verification
黑店 gangster inn
黑客 hacker
黑社会 Mafia-style organizations; gangland
宏观调控 macro-control
红包 (中)red paper containing money as a gift, (贬) bribe, kickback
红筹股red chips
红股 bonus share
《红楼梦》A Dream in Red Mansions (The Story of the Stone)
红帽子企业 red cap enterprise (refers to the reputation a private enterprise enjoys by becoming attached to a government department and doing business in the name of a state-run or collective-run enterprise)
红细胞生成素 Erythropoietin (EPO)
环太平洋地区 Pacific Rim
后防空虚 leave the defense exposed
后台管理 back-stage management
呼啦圈 hu la hoop
胡子工程 long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded)
虎父无犬子 A wise goose never lays a tame egg.
互动广告 interactive advertisement
户口簿 residence booklet
户口管理制度 domicile system, residence registration system
户主 head of a household
护身法宝 amulet
华表 ornamental column/cloud pillar/stele
华盖 canopy
滑板车 scooter
"坏球" "Ball"
还俗 resume secular life, unfrock
换手率 turnover rate
"黄、赌、毒" pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking
黄金时段 prime time
(吃)"皇粮" public grainfunds, goods, etc provided by the government; salary paid by the state
挥棒 swing
挥棒不中 fan
灰色收入 income from moonlighting
汇丰银行 Hong Kong and Shang Hai Banking Corporation
婚介所 matrimonial agency
婚外恋 extramarital love
活到老,学到老 One is never too old to learn.
火炬计划 Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology)
货币化 monetization
货币回笼 withdrawal of currency from circulation
货到付款 cash on delivery
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